Saturday, June 16

Impressions thus far

Here's a collection of impressions that I've done and that are easy to access for quick viewing, enjoy!

2011 30 Impressions in 30 days

2010 Demo Tape

2008 Demo Tape

Adam West
Al Gore
Al Pacino
Alan Rickman
Bill Kurtis
Bob Dylan
Cary Grant
Charlie Sheen
Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Plummer
Christopher Walken
Daniel Radcliffe
Deepak Chopra
Don Pardo
Donald Trump (CALL IN)
Ed Wynn
Gilbert Gottfried
Ian McKellen
Jeff Bridges
Jeff Goldblum
Jim Carrey
Jimmy Stewart
John Cleese
John Malkovich
Larry the Cable Guy
Leonard Nimoy
Liam Neeson
Michael Caine
Nicholas Cage
Patrick Stewart
Peter Falk
Peter Lorre
Phil Hartman
Ray Romano
Rodney Dangerfield
Rowan Atkinson
Stan Lee
Stephen Fry
Steve Buscemi
Steve Martin
Tim Curry
Tim Gunn
Willem Dafoe
Woody Allen
Vincent Price

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